Yog Asanas and Your Health

Yoga asanas make for the best methods to maintain a healthy, disease free and active body. Yoga asanas are exercises for the entire body; which makes for a more vital individual.

Surya Namaskar, tadasana, bhujangasan, pa van muktasana, vajrasan, ought to be practised regularly to cure the following chronic conditions: diabetes, stomach diseases, gastric problems, ulcers, constipation, acidity, seminal problems, backache, gout, piles, asthma and insomnia.

It is also important to practise yoga asana alongside a proper diet, adequate sleep and rest.

Pranayam and Your Health

Pranayam is as important as yoga asanas for the maintenance of good health. Yoga asanas purify the mind which makes you stronger. Pranayam, or breathing exercises, provide additional prana, chi or life energy vitality to the body.

Pranayam controls the yo-yo ing of your mind, providing it with stability and contentment. So your body and mind can be healthy. You can then control your hunger, thirst, thoughts and emotions as your body and mind are in balance. Pranayam helps digestion, slows down the visible signs of ageing, reduces anxiety, reduces obesity, and aids with multiple physical and mental diseases.

Prana governs every bodily function. Our bodies are a combination of five elements and our intent, thoughts, emotions and actions are supported by it. The prana leaves our bodies when we die. Prana is everywhere; we use it for respiration.

Should an individual learn to respire effectively he or she can utilise prana to the fullest and develop physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. When your prana leaves your body your physical life comes to an end. Your prana performs every action in your body and in its absence your body becomes inactive. The dead body becomes inactive and unconsciousness as prana leaves your body. The atma is your consciousness; without any prana, the atma (your consciousness) moves on to another body.

When body and prana finish their relationship the atma, your consciousness, ends all comings and goings and merges into collective consciousness.

It is crucial to understand the connection between prana and yoga devotion. Prana is the source which enables our consciousness to be and our bodies to perform all its functions. Prana is needed to keep each cell in the body alive.

We inhale prana from the atmosphere and it reaches our cells; our cells are alive due to this prana. Prior to beginning the practice of pranayam it is helpful if we understand the respiration process. Respiration has healthy benefits. It involves inhaling air and it being circulated to the body organs. When we exhale we breathe out what is unwanted.

By inhaling and exhaling the flow of prana occurs continuously within our bodies. When the pace of inhaling and exhaling is regulated, then our bodies, minds and intelligence are in balance, which is a healthy sign. On the other hand, when they are irregular, there is an imbalance of prana and we can develop certain illnesses of the mind and diseases of the body. Good health regulates the pace of the prana entering our bodies naturally.

Should the respiration process become irregular the body temperature increases and at times stays low. This is another cause of disease and it initially affects the digestion process and mental balance.