Partner Yoga Dating Gains Popularity

Mon, 18 Feb 2013

We have all heard of speed dating. In Boulder, USA, there is now a new form of dating, called yoga speed dating .

This form of dating combines the popularity of yoga with the popularity of speed dating.

Hereby you partner up for yoga, say your salutations, help each other stretch, attempt a balancing yoga pose in unison and try out different yoga techniques together.

Partner yoga is an ideal match for speed dating .

Yoga can enable you to be more prepared for honest engagement and more present in yourself and your body.

Many Americans prefer to meet people like this as opposed to meeting them in bars.

The dates are known as YogaDates. So you do yoga and then mingle and have some drinks.

YogaDates has been going since January and is an ideal way of uniting yoga and love.

Partner yoga is asexual like traditional yoga, however, your partner enables you to get deeper stretches, develop greater balance and supports you to align your body as you do too for your partner.

This form of yoga would appear to be a normal transition in the States given that the number of American yoga practitioners has increased by nearly 30 percent in the last four years, so say the findings of the most recent survey to do with Yoga undertaken for the Yoga Journal.

The Yoga Journal's 2008 survey found that there were nearly 16 million yoga practitioners. Extrapolations from that figure highlight that that there currently 20.4 million American yoga practitioners, that is, almost 1 in 10 American adults is a yoga practitioner .

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