Yoga Improves the Behaviour of Autistic Children

Wed, 17 Oct 2012

The behaviour of children who have autism spectrum disorder and participate in classroom improves, compared to autistic children who do not participate in such yoga.

Primary school teachers at a Bronx elementary school reported that the school’s daily yoga programme lowered aggressive behavior, social isolation and hyperactivity amongst children with autism.

Yoga is highly effective as it appears to help children with autism as it lowers their stress levels.

Anxiety triggers a great deal of negative behaviour amongst the children, therefore, the yoga programme provides the children with a way in which to cope.

When undertaken daily, it becomes an integral part of the children's day, enabling them to be calm, to concentrate and receptive to learning.

Research confirms that yoga is increasingly being used in classrooms throughout America to assist behaviour and performance at school.

The daily yoga routine lasts for 17 minutes. The routine involves breathing deeply, undertaking yoga poses, tensing and relaxing muscles, and, then, singing.

The researchers studied the autistic children who were doing yoga daily and another group of autistic children who were not doing yoga at all for 16 weeks.

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