Priest Banned Yoga Class because it was not Catholic

Thu, 11 Oct 2012

A Catholic Priest banned a yoga class due to it not being Catholic enough.

instructor Cori Withell was informed that her yoga class was going to be banned due it being part of Hinduism.

The yoga teacher had already paid £180 for the venue.

She had affirmed that the class was for exercise and contained no .

She pleaded that her yoga classes are a soothing and relaxing experience for all those attending.

However, Cori Withell ended up being flustered and frustrated when the priest, Father John Chandler, banned her classes from his church hall. He claimed that her lessons are incompatible with the Catholic faith.

Apparently the ban is not standard Catholic Church policy, with specific decisions left to the discretion of individual priests.

Moreover, even a pilates class she was going to teach there had been cancelled.

Pilates is an exercise discipline which has no known religious connections.

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