Kundalini Yoga Morning Routine

Fri, 23 Mar 2012

Just as is not just a physical exercise system intended to keep the body healthy and vital (see our article 'Yoga - not a religion but a spiritual discipline'), practicing yoga is not just about coming to classes once or twice a week, not even about having a daily practice. Yoga is a way of life. There are yogic teachings for every aspect of life, ranging from dietary advice and tips to take care of the body to teachings on how to get up in the morning and how to go to bed at night. Integrating this yogic science into your daily life will help you to be more effective and efficient and it will assist you on your path to awareness. Yoga.me.uk is already bringing you yogic recipes every two weeks, and over the next few weeks we will inform you about Yogi Bhajan's teachings on morning and evening routines, and on the art of hydrotherapy, which forms a key aspect of a lifestyle.

The following morning routine can help adjust the body upon awakening. It will adjust the spine, navel point and nervous system, so that you will feel more alert and ready for the day.

While still in bed, first turn onto your back. With the eyes still closed, bring the hands to the face and begin stroking the face with your hands. Then gently open your eyes into the hands. Slowly lift the hands away from the face, keeping the eyes open so you can adjust them to the light in the room. Massage the face. Next, stretch your arms overhead as this will help to channel the magnetic energy of the earth, point the toes, and do a Cat Stretch. Cat Stretch is a diagonal stretch where you bring one bent leg across the other. To come into Cat Stretch, place the right foot on the left knee, then let the right leg drop across the left leg and turn your head to the right hand side, in effect twisting your spine. Your arms are stretched out sideways and you feel the stretch in your armpits. Then repeat the exercise on the other side. This stretches and wakes up the spine and gives room to the kidneys.

After that, do Stretch Pose to set the Navel Point. For Stretch Pose, you lie on your back with the feet together. Flatten the lower back into the mattress. You can either have your arms stretched out at the sides, with the palms facing the thighs alongside the body, or have your hands over the thighs, palms down. If your lower back comes off the floor (or mattress in this case) during Stretch Pose, place your hands underneath the back of your buttocks for extra support. Now lift the head up by lifting the heart up, apply Neck Lock, look at the toes and then lift your feet up 6 inches (15 centimetres). Either breathe long and deep, or engage in Breath of Fire, for 1 to 3 minutes. Do not bend the knees during Stretch Pose.

Next, turn onto the right side and pull the knees to the chest for a moment. This will strengthen the heart. Return onto the back and pull the knees to the chest with the nose up between the knees. Lock your hands around the legs and again do Breath of Fire for about one minute, then roll up into Rock Pose (sitting on your heels). Bring the forehead down to the mattress for a moment and relax, breathing normally. This posture helps eliminate gas. Lie back down on your back and rub the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet rapidly together. This breaks up crystal deposits that build up in the nerve endings, thus allowing the energy to flow freely through the body. Now you are ready to get out of bed, and head for the bathroom. Do this barefoot.

Once you are in the bathroom, first relieve yourself. Then brush your teeth and gums with a powder of 1 part salt and 2 parts potassium alum (potassium alum mixture is effective for preventing gum disease). Also brush the tongue, including the root of the tongue, to remove toxins. Brushing the back of the tongue will make you gag, and the alum and salt mixture will pull out mucus and bacteria that have accumulated overnight in the monkey glands. These monkey glands are two pockets in the throat which contain a mucus that collects in the throat at night and gathers toxins from the body. This mucus must be expelled before you drink anything, to prevent it from going into the intestines and causing diseases. The gagging reflex also causes the eyes to water, thus helping to maintain good vision and to prevent cataracts. Then drink at least one glass of spring water to neutralise and ground yourself.

Now you can get ready for your cold shower (ishnaan or hydrotherapy), but as this topic deserves special attention, we will devote the next news article to this ancient science.

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