Yoga helps pregnant women avoid depression

Fri, 10 Aug 2012

Pregnancy is a major life changing event both physically, hormonally, but also psychologically for every woman. Some women embrace the changes; have a supportive network and attentive midwifery care. Even with the greatest of care and consideration, some women suffer from symptoms of depression while they are pregnant and as many as one in five women meet the criteria for post-natal depression.

Often women who show signs of depression during their pregnancy will be offered , however many women decline to take them through fear of the impact they could have on their developing baby.

Depression both during pregnancy and post-natal has previously been found to have a significant impact on the development of the baby, the maternal bond and the subsequent mental and physical health of the child.

For many years women have been seeking out other means of addressing the symptoms of depression, however, little clinical evidence has been collected assessing the efficacy of these options.

Researchers at the University of Michigan conducted a study with women who were between 12 and 26 weeks pregnant all of whom had been highlighted as ‘at risk’ of depression. The women participated in weekly 90-minute Mindful session for 10 consecutive weeks. yoga taught the women to maintain a meditative state of mind while practicing yoga. The yoga poses were developed to help the women develop an awareness of the changes their bodies were going through in order to support the growth and development of their unborn babies.

The researchers found that mindful yoga reduced symptoms of depression, gave the mothers a marked mental and physical energy boost, additionally, after the birth of their babies, the maternal bond of mother and child was more developed than was reported by the women who had not participated in the mindful yoga.

This latest research shows promise for the use of a non-toxic, healthy means of addressing during pregnancy. More over it highlights the additional positive side effects of such a practice while pregnant.

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