Yoga is very Calming for Children and their Teachers

Tue, 27 Nov 2012

Yogamini was established by Ulrika Dezé, an educational studies graduate, in Paris. It is a revolutionary, fun, yet educational approach to children's .

She began the project three years ago when a headmistress stated that many of her pupils were stressed; they had stomach pains, headaches or were experiencing problems concentrating.

Ulrika decided to provide a trial yoga workshop for six months. When the school's teachers were satisfied with the positive results they decided to continue.

Yoga for children differs quite a lot from yoga for adults. The yoga sessions tell stories with the children miming postures like the Swan, the Candle or the Tree.

The children also have time for relaxation which focuses on breathing techniques for calming down, drawing mandalas for improving concentration and trust exercises for building stronger relationships.

In just several minutes, the hyper kids become totally relaxed and happy. Even the most unruly children have begun to concentrate.

Many of the children also practise the yoga exercises they have learnt at school at home. Not only have children experienced great benefits at school in terms of greater concentration, improved productivity and better behaviour, their improved attitudes and behaviour have spilled out at home.

The children's yoga programme has also expanded to guide teachers about yoga practice. The teachers have started to undertake the same exercises as the children and have found that they are less stressed, more able to teach properly and are better at managing their class.

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