UK Yoga Market is Growing

Fri, 16 Nov 2012

A recent Virgin Money survey highlights that 75 per cent of British women opt for , meditation and other holistic therapies like, reflexology, shiatsu and massage to beat stress.

This spiritual spending is not cheap, totalling £670m annually, with another £20m spent on spa retreats and yoga holidays.

This increase in spiritual spending has encouraged advertisers to target people seeking wellbeing.

Gap features Madonna in a cord-clad yoga pose, balanced on one leg with the other placed into her hip.

Yoga is no longer considered to be the arena of hippies and the alternative crowd. It is considered to be a path to peace and wellbeing.

Some adverts now incorporate yoga into daily life, with a couple of salutations to the sun, children playing in the background and families doing their grocery shopping.

Whereas, other adverts show people meditating on a mountain with a gas-guzzling 4x4 storming past.

Advertisers seem to be keen to contrast the yin and yang in our lives. They love to strike a balance between work, play and "me" time.

Yoga also provides many people respite from the competitive, egotistical lives we so often lead.

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