Paddle Board Yoga

Wed, 04 Jul 2012

The latest trend that is taking over the world particularly California, Florida, Canada, Costa Rica and Aruba is paddle board yoga. What is a paddle board I hear you asking? A paddle board is similar to a surf board upon which you stand up and use an oar to paddle around with.

Paddle board yoga involves paddling out to a spot of calm water, moving into a particular yoga posture and holding the poses without falling off the paddle board! The idea is that by having to maintain your balance on the moving board while also in the yoga position, core muscles are strengthened, stability and flexibility are both improved and you get a moment to reconnect to the wonders of nature.

Paddle board yoga has been highlighted as a form of exercise that will help to improve your weakest muscles and body areas as well as giving your upper body and core a workout. The paddling and balancing combined has reportedly worked wonders for stubborn fat around the midriff. Regarded as a low impact sport, it is a great exercise for people with lower athletic as what is the worst that can happen – you fall into the water!

Not only that, it has also been tried out by high profile celebrities such as Rhianna, Matthew McConaughey and Red Hot Chili Pepper lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis.

However mad or difficult it sounds, above anything else, paddle board yoga could be considered a fun, exhilarating and a great way of getting some fresh air and releasing those endorphins.

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