Yoga Festival a Success

Tue, 11 Dec 2012

A yoga festival held in Dubai last weekend has been a huge success.

Yoga comes from India; it is a Sanskrit word meaning "union," so is a practice which is able to unite people from every culture harmoniously as it is extremely powerful.

The organiser, Angela Pashayan, was happy with the results. Her intention was to create a yoga festival which leaves those attending with peace in their hearts.

Peewee Sanchez, who is the gym chain Fitness First's yoga manager for the Middle East, stated that many people interested in yoga travel to India or America to study yoga . This festival may alter people's perceptions of Dubai as a yoga destination.

Ms Sanchez, who led a chakra meditation at the festival, stated that many of those who live in Dubai and are interested in yoga have to leave the country to strengthen their practice. Having such an event in Dubai means that people can come to Dubai in the future as opposed to those in Dubai interested in yoga having to go elsewhere.

There has been a rich diversity of styles and yoga that you would not normally find in an average a yoga class or yoga centre, accompanied by talks on meditation, karma, reiki and feng shui .

It would appear that Dubai has become a definitive yoga hub.

In an area of the world that is greatly troubled it is refreshing to see interest in a way of life that cultivates peace, wellbeing and harmony.

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