Dubai Hosts a Yoga Weekend Festival

Fri, 07 Dec 2012

Dubai is hosting it’s first ever yoga festival this weekend, from Thursday to Saturday.

The festival has been hosted to enable more people to cultivate greater peace and balance in their lives.

Yoga also helps you to connect to your inner self.

The Westin Hotel Mina Siyahi is hosting this event for the wellbeing of those who attend, to bring more peace and joy into people's lives.

Eighteen international and local yoga teachers are uniting for this festival. There are seven rooms for yoga and lectures; music is also being performed on the terrace area.

Angela Pashayan who is a yoga teacher and festival partner, stated that there are 51 yoga classes over this weekend. There will also be entertainment and live interviews in between.

Angela herself is conducting five classes in bhakti yoga, wall yoga, ayurveda, and spirituality.

The event is to do with celebrating life and communicating the importance of peace within oneself.

Therefore, music plays a fundamental part in this weekend. Internationally renowned DJs are setting the right mood, with eight other musicians lined up to keep everyone's spirits high.

It is very interesting that Dubai is hosting such an event, which is said to be attracting many thousands of people from all over the world.

Dubai is a popular destination for travellers and holiday makers from across the globe.

This event is the icing on the cake with respect to Dubai establishing itself on the yoga festival scene.

The wellbeing scene, including yoga and spiritual retreats, is a multi million pound business and one Dubai is certainly tapping into.

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