Karma Yoga - the Yoga of Selfless Action

Karma yogis operate on the principle of acting selflessly, without attachment and with integrity. Karma yogis consider that every action, physical, verbal or mental has extensive consequences for which they take full responsibility and accountability.

Do not consider karma, cause and effect, as blind destiny. You can choose what you intend, think, feel, say and do. The purpose of karma yoga is to regulate your actions so that you cease being bound by karma. Karma yogis do not wish to incur or cause bad karma. They act selflessly in their intent, thoughts, emotions, speech and actions.

Those who pratcise karma yoga continue to work. They do not renounce the world and go into isolation. The theory of Karma dictates that whatever you do will come back to you. Hence, you need to face the consequences of our actions, harmless for harmless, harmful for harmful and so on.

We are bound by karma. There is no way out of the karmic bond but to transcend ego which is very difficult for most people to practise and achieve.

Karma yoga is selfless service; ego is given up to the desire to serve the divine in everything, human, animal, plant and so on. Karma performed by correct means does not harm anyone and is dharmic or ethical. Karma yoga is an expression of divine love, unity of everything. A karma yogi helps, heals and shares.

A karma yogi consciously surrenders to the Universal will and places any selfish motives aside that otherwise populate the mind. He or she attempts to cease intention, work, speech, action and even meditation that in any way can reward one's own personal desires.

A karma yogi lives through his or her higher self, conciousness, not the ego anymore. He or she dedicates him self or her self, actions, words, thoughts and feelings to the collective conscisouness.

The karma yogi experiences that collective consciousness being the doer and his or her mind, heart and hands become devoted to the wellbeing of all. The individual devotee wants nothing more than to be an instrument of the universal consciousness, will and light.